Join the presale and get a sniper bot as a bonus!

We don’t want our Pancakeswap listing to be sabotaged by bots and whales. We love sniper bots but we don’t want them running the show on our launch day.

Crystal Ball is going to be huge. If we do a presale on DxSale or Unicrypt we would have to reveal our contract address. That would mean hundreds of bots buying at the lowest price and dumping on you 5 minutes later.

The presale is set for 1000 BSC. The minimum amount to get in is 5 BSC and the maximum is 20 BSC. Send it directly to our presale address below. Join our Telegram channel to get notified when we go live. We will never DM you to ask for money. This is our presale-only address:

0x9623694aF8EEE856B8D15d4609b4Cf5b91f4AA8F. You will receive your $CRSTBA tokens 30 seconds before the launch. If you are new to the Binance Smart Chain and you don’t know how to get BSC please read this article.

After the presale is capped, Crystal Ball Token will be listed on Pancakeswap in 24 hours. We will start a countdown on our website as well as on a 3rd party website. The contract address will be revealed the second we launch. The presale price of $CRSTBA will be the same as the listing price.

Crystal Ball ($CRSTBA) Token is a hyper deflationary coin. It is designed to 100x in the first day.

The total supply is  100,000,000,000,000,000. We will burn 97% of the total supply after launch. Liquidity is locked for 10 years.

There is a 17% tax on transactions: 9% is auto-locked to liquidity, 6% goes to holders, 1% is burned and 1% goes to the costs of running the Crystal Ball scanner.

Crystal Ball is an online scanning platform that can tell you if a BSC project is a scam or not. It can even do a rough estimate on how a coin will perform during the first 24 hours of launch. You can easily spot a 10x or 100x.

We do this by deep scanning some key blockchains, all the decentralized exchanges (Bisqs,,, etc.) that scammers use to swap their loot into privacy coins, and the PooCoin BSC charts.

Some inexperienced scammers don’t get out of the Binance Smart blockchain. If this is the case, a scan should not take more than 15 minutes. If they exchange their BSC to XMR or another privacy coin the scan could take up to 8 hours.

If a scan was already done by a Crystal Ball holder, you will get the results instantly. The same goes for legitimate projects; if the addresses involved have a good history, Crystal Ball will show you the green light.

Our platform is is beyond the development phase. Our software has been tested extensively for the past 2 months and it’s fully working. It will be available for you to use the second we launch.

We are not running a charity here. It will be free, but only for our holders, who will have to meet some criteria.

You are allowed to do a daily search for each 0.1 BNB equivalent that you hold in $CRSTBA. If one BNB is priced at $400 and you hold $40 worth of $CRSTBA, you can do one search daily. If you hold $4000 in CRSTBA you can do 100 daily searches, and so on.

This incentivizes our users to hold, thus increasing the price of $CRSTBA. In combination with our hyper-deflationary tokenomics, Crystal Ball will blow off the charts!

To use Crystal Ball you can simply connect your wallet to access our scanner and the sniper bot (if you participated in the presale). Don’t worry about your safety. Our code will be posted on Github so that anyone can see we are legit.

There’s also another option, for the paranoid type. You can never be too safe, right? You will also be able to request an invoice for a random amount, from 1 cent to 99 cents. The amount will be sent back to your wallet minus the transfer fees. This way we can know for sure that you are the rightful owner of the tokens.

Sniper Bot will be available only for the people who participate in out pre-sale. Releasing it to all of our holders will make it a loss less profitable for us.

Keep in mind that there is competition here as well. At the moment, there are around 100 sniper bots on Pancakeswap but 95% of them are not a threat. They scan for new listings and buy only lesser amounts, 5 or 10 dollars’ worth of tokens.

When you know the project is going to be a success, that’s when sniper bots shine. There is no guarantee that your bot will be the first to buy but you will still get a price 10 times more lower than manual buys.

We would like to keep our identities hidden. I will be 100% honest with you on this one. We don’t care that much about your safety, that’s your responsibility. This is how crypto works; you lose your seeds, you lose your money. But we do care A LOT about our safety.

This is decentralized finance and the contract will be renounced after the listing takes place. Liquidity is locked for 10 years and we already have an audit released by CertiK.

Considering that we own an impressive stock, revealing our identities is not something that I would call smart. It would mean we would be vulnerable to hacks.

If you think all those “safe” meme coins with cute animals where devs show their faces will get you rich.. please check your portfolio again. I bet you are down more than 10x on most of those.

The devs own a big percentage of the total supply. They either orchestrate a presale where they buy 90% with bots, a fair launch where they buy again a big percentage of the coins with custom bots, or they simply have back doors in their contracts that allow them to play you as they wish.

They start the launch 30 seconds before the countdown ends. They operate in teams. Some will act as a part of the team in the voice chat and some will act as buyers that are excited about the project and would tell you to buy it non-stop. They will post memes aggressively on the chat telling you to buy.

This is subliminal stuff that unfortunately works on the inexperienced. All this while they have their bots set up to sell small chunks while the desired market cap is reached. And I’m only scratching the surface; – it can get far more complicated.

That’s a good question. A LOT of money obviously, but not your money. As you may have realized by now, there are a lot of scams going on. Let me give you a scenario?

Let’s say 100 coins get listed today. 99 are scams and 1 is legit. The legit project will reach 10x that day. Wouldn’t be great if a large proportion of the people who wanted to invest in those scams now join the legit project?

The legit project will reach 500x instead of 10x; simple math. It will reach closer to the market cap in a short period, with a lot of liquidity, which has a positive impact on the price, and seeing only green candles will attract more and more buyers; thus, it drastically  decreases the chances of early investors losing money.

Think of this project as an army where the captains see the future in their crystal balls. The bigger the army, the bigger and faster are the rewards.

Disclaimer: This is not a pump and dump. We will never tell you which coins you should invest your money into. We are just providing you with data.

Work Together For Success